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Contact Details: Luke Daly

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Indoor training MAP LOCATION Gym Facility Energie Gym Fulham SW6 3EF

I can also train you at your house, and will bring with me all the necessary equipment for training


Fitness Retreats Tuscany and Moravia (June 1-4, Thurs – Sun, 2017)

One to One Personal Training (Including TRX) – Indoor and Outdoor

Sports Specific Training – Running, Skiing, Tennis, Cycling and more.



4 hours each day of exercise on offer – Yoga (spa retreat in Czech rep), Pilates, Conditioning (beach in Tuscany), and Mountain Biking

Tuscany ITALY 4 nights – June 1-4, 2017


Pricing for the fitness retreat 4 nights is £650 per person  (sharing a room) or £750pp (single room) all exercise and food included (excl flights and transfers)

3 nights £500 pp (sharing a room) or £600 pp (single room)

Note: all meals are included, along with the use of indoor and outdoor pool and tennis court.

Click on link for hotel location Montebelli

Moravia CZECH REPUBLIC  4 nights – August 24-27, 2017


Prices for the Fitness Retreat in Moravia are £550 per person (sharing a room) or £650pp(single room)

Day trips to spa town, wine cellar. Horse riding and bike hire included.

(excluding flights and transfers) approx £70 for transport to and from airport to hotel.

Moravia – Zikmundov Hotel

Click on the Moravian tourism website link Moravia

To make a reservation for either fitness retreat please email Luke


(Article) The healthy way to lose weight

Heirachy of needs..

What is the most important thing in life? Our Health! without our health we have nothing, so taking care of our bodies is essential to prosperity..

When we are Healthy and Fit we have far more energy, drive and ambition. We also look and feel better and our confidence levels increase.

Keeping Fit and Healthy helps us to reduce our stress levels and helps prevent many illnesses, such as high blood pressure.


Looking after your body is a fundamental  aspect to our life and happiness…

Exercise for many is confusing, hard work and the gains are often minimal. However once we learn learn good technique, a variety of exercises and exercises that are tailor made to suit our own body type and shape, exercise becomes far more fun and the results are far more noticeable.

Exercise like many other products and services needs to be suited to our own taste and desired outcomes. Our bodies are unique in shape and functionality, and this needs to be understood so that we can reach our full potential and gain the best possible results.

Being SMART with with our exercise means being selective with the types of exercise we choose to do, and also understand WHY we are doing it.

With 15 years experience teaching fitness classes i will examine your technique for key exercises, such as squats and lunges, to make sure when you do exercises they are done correctly.. that way when you do devote time to doing exercises you get the maximum benefits. It is good technique in exercise that will optimise your results.. sometimes 80-90% more benefits! good technique will also help to prevent injuries.

I have a vast range of experience in many forms of exercise; from Boxing to Dance, Yoga to Athletics, Sailing to Skiing, Tennis to Rugby.. so exercise will no longer be boring or repetitive… it will be somethimng you look forward to doing each week, and something that makes you look and feel far better!

Training can be done indoors at a gym studio, outdoors at the park (weather permitting) or I can train you at your own house.

I WILL create the motivation.. teach you proper technique, and the results WILL follow!

Training will be designed specifically to your body type and goals, based on a thorough assessment.


Become SMART with the time you spend exercising.. Its quality exercise not quantity that will bring FAST RESULTS.

I provide all my clients with additional advice on exercises to do during the week, and explain why each exercise will help.


I specialise in structuring workouts in preparation for weddings.. focusing on toning the arms, back and waistline.


I have experience teaching classes and  training ladies whilst they are pregnant, and also post natal programmes to get the body strength and tone back.pregnant-lady

To get the great results you want you need to have..

1. a firm idea of what you want to achieve

2. guidance/advise and motivation to drive you towards your goal.

3. consistent regular exercise where you are working at 100 or 110% of you ability.

The problem with exercising on your own is..

1. you are often doing exercises that dont actually lead to the desired results you want.

2. You exercise at a low intensity (50-70%), so its hard for your body to change.. you need to be pushed.

3. lack of structure and variety which leads to loss of interest and also a fitness plateau.


How to get the body you want..

Its the question everybody asks but finds hard to achieve let alone maintain. But there are answers, and it starts with the basics.

For quality and sustainable results we need to look at the basics first; such as HOW good our technique is (as we maybe wasting half our time doing things incorrectly or even the wrong exercises).

Faster results can be achieved if we create a SMART and BALANCED weekly workout, addressing the key components of fitness;

  • cardio vascular fitness
  • core strength
  • balance
  • flexibility
  • muscular strength & endurance